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PTE – Speaking


Do not worry about time
Do not worry about time. In this section, the computer will control the time you spend on each task. You have to click ‘Next’ after every question.

Be Prepared
Remember that your goal for the introduction section is to make a positive impression. Be prepared for this in advance. You should know what you are going to say before you start speaking.

Speak Clearly
Speak at a good volume and normal pace. If you speak too quietly or quickly, it can affect your score. If you make a mistake, carry on. Do not waste time correcting yourself. Relax, be natural and confident.

Grasp the tone of speaker
Try and grasp the meaning. Do not eat up words in read aloud and repeat sentence item types. Identify plural and singular words. Try to grasp the tone of speaker.

Record Yourself
Record yourself and listen to your recording. Check that your sound is natural and your message is conveyed properly.

Identify the type of image
Identify the type of image; is it a graph, picture, map, chart or table? Take notes on erasable board and pen provided. Try to determine what the main point of image is. Look for extreme values like highest and lowest in the graphs.

Be careful about microphone
Remember that microphone turns off automatically if there is no sound for three seconds. Use any word like umm, or connectives to fill the time while thinking. For item type answer short questions, do not pause for too long. You hear a short question and then the recording status box will change to recording.

Predict and take notes
In Retell lecture, study the picture is there. Try to predict what the lecture will be about.

Focus on the main idea
Keywords include names, numbers, dates, time words and phrases that are stressed. In Re-tell lecture, always focus on main idea. Review your notes in the 10 seconds time given. Focus on understanding the main idea of the lecture and the key points that support it. If the speaker draws a conclusion, be sure you have identified it.