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Today technology has not left anything untouched, it is no surprise that one can give IELTS on a computer today. The three modules that are READING, LISTENING and WRITING are taken on the computer. Whereas, SPEAKING is same as PAPER-DELIVERED IELTS that is face to face interview with an experienced and qualified IELTS examiner. The content, question types ,timings(*no extra 10 min. are provided to the students for transferring the answers) and marking criteria of IELTS is same as paper-delivered IELTS.

In the READING module of (CD IELTS), one can underline or highlight the text and make desired notes according to their requirement so it will not cause any inconvenience to find the answers. In addition, one can look at the questions and the passage on the same wide screen. One does not need to go back and forth or scroll excessively to provide solutions to the questions asked. The LISTENING module is of *30-34 minutes duration which is slightly less compared to paper-delivered IELTS due to reasons mentioned in the succeeding lines .One will answer questions directly on the computer and will get only 2 minutes to check the answers at the end of the test. Most importantly, one will not be given extra 10 minutes to transfer answers to the answer sheet as done in paper-delivered IELTS. Before the start of each part of the test one will be given some time to read the questions as well as some time at the end of every part to check the answers. Most vital point to be noted, an example will not be played at the initiation of the listening test.

In the WRITING module, one needs to manually type the answers to the questions asked with the help of a keyboard. One can keep the count of the words written by using the facility of automatic word counter. Point to be kept in mind, auto-correction is not available in the test as it will breach the purpose of assessing one’s proficiency in English. The SPEAKING module will be same as paper-delivered IELTS.

The merits of giving IELTS on a screen are more compared with paper-delivered IELTS which are as follows:-there are numerous test sessions on a single day, numerous test dates in a month, quick results that is within 5-7 days and various test centers location across India. So, one can give the IELTS exam whenever and wherever one likes. In other words, CD IELTS is providing more convenience to the test takers. Moreover, it will not hinder their other personal yet important tasks. One can decide when he/she is fully prepared to give the exam by themselves rather than conforming to rigid particular dates decided by IELTS. It is providing one, more control over one’s preparation and giving of the final IELTS test. Additionally, results will come faster within 5-7 days which will cool down one’s anxiety quickly. Last but not least, CD IELTS video tutorials are available abundantly which familiarize the test takers with the ambience of the CD IELTS which is a boon for the prospective candidates.