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IELTS- Listening

The test will be divided in four sections.

Section 1 – Conversation between 2 people about a general topic.

Section 2 – Monologue (1 person talking) about a general topic.

Section 3 – Conversation between 2 people about an academic topic.

Section 4 – Monologue about an academic topic.

The Listening test takes about 40 minutes- 30 minutes of listening, and 10 minutes to transfer your answers.

Listen the conversation with full concentration because it will be played once only and will not be repeated and you have to answer the questions side by side while listening.

If you cannot hear the audio clearly, let a member of staff know straightaway.

Highlight the keywords in the questions- you will get an idea of what to listen in the conversation for an example if the question is What is your telephone number? And the keyword of this question is telephone number; it will give you an idea that you have to listen for a number in the listening.

Listen the instructions very carefully as it can be different for all the sections and will give you an idea of what to find in the listening.

The answers are often stressed or repeated so listen carefully the repeated words to find an answer.

Do not copy your answers directly into the Answer Sheet while listening as it can distract you. While listening you can write the answers in the question paper and in the end of listening test you will get 10 minutes extra to transfer your answers into the answer sheet.

Try to write answers in uppercase letter form because it avoids spelling mistakes and makes the words clearer to read.

Count the words in your answer. If the instructions say “answer in 3 words” – you need to answer in EXACTLY 3 WORDS, when even “a” “an” and “the” count as a word!

Check your spellings. As if there are spelling mistakes the answer will be marked incorrect and be careful to use singular and plural correctly.

Do not write abbreviations in the answers; write the complete words as the abbreviations are not accepted in the IELTS test.

Attempt all questions; as there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Check your answers after completing the test.