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Spoken English Tips:  English– One of the popular spoken language of the world. It is taken as an art to express your views in this system of words for communication. All you need is just a confidence to speak up by removing all the hesitation. Follow along the given points to tag-off all the uneasiness that you face while speaking English, Read On:

  • As a beginner, it is easy to make obvious mistakes, just go on and do not feel reluctant;
  • Show and have enthusiasm in learning the language;
  • Keep calm as learning this takes time;
  • Hurry not, learn slowly and express yourself gently;
  • Discover how to embrace and greet someone;
  • Learn more and more of idioms and phrases to beautify your sentences;
  • Try speaking Simple and Correct English;
  • Mind your accent, pronunciation, etc. Check with the online means that will teach you or lets you know how to correctly pronounce a particular word;
  • Be a good observer and a quick grasper;
  • Have a daily practice on this and work on your grammar and vocab to frame the sentence correctly;
  • Do not mind when people surrounds you point out your mistakes and error;
  • Try to converse in English only, do not mix your local dialect with it;
  • While exercising, record your voice so as to judge where you lacking behind;
  • Throw more lights on the pace and clarity of what you are speaking;
  • Look for the websites that allows you to have a voice chat, this works as a productive and constructive practice;
  • Have a habit of learning more and more and jotting down every newly learnt word in your mind;
  • Learn and explore every day;
  • Read good articles, recite good poems everyday;
  • Develop an interest of watching English movies, plays, series, shows, etc.;
  • Listen English song and try to figure out the lyrics, sing along;
  • Read English novels, magazine, newspapers, etc.;
  • Take the assistance of Google or download apps which could help you in knowing the meaning of new and unknown words;
  • Try to learn the antonyms and synonyms while encountering with a new word.